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Night View_10 - Photo.jpeg


Forming part of a private estate SW19 was strategically designed to blur the lines between inside and outside and create a dialogue between the home and nature. Windows were used in the place of walls on both the front and rear of the main living area allowing the space to spill onto the expansive pool deck and 63ft infinity pool. The estate will also boast tennis and basketball courts, a running track and a guest cottage.


Ivy's On The Bluff is a stunning minimalist residence designed on a rectangular block in the Whitehouse, Westmoreland, Jamaica. There is a picture-perfect panorama of the Caribbean Sea viewable through the glass facade, which was the main architectural consideration when the project was commissioned. The length of the block was optimised by placing the building in such a way that the inner rooms of the home face some element of the surrounding landscape. A sharp angle can be seen towards the end of the right side of the structure, as it follows the boundary lines of the site. This angle is mimicked by the shape of a triangular jacuzzi. The design of the house not only takes advantage of the proximity to the sea but also melds seamlessly with its natural surroundings, fostering a tranquil, harmonious environment. 

Montrose Huie Design


Montrose, situated in the hills of St. Vincent and the Grenadines was a project to redesign an existing home and an apartment set over a garage. We extended the left side of the apartment and converted the garage into habitable space, The internal layout was adapted to become more efficient for modern living. All rooms have been reconfigured, incorporating larger windows and reorienting the rooms to maximise the vast sea view.

The Images depict both the original property and our Montrose design.


This project is situated on a sharply sloped lot in Whitehouse, Westmoreland, Jamaica with a 180-degree view of the sea. The land's slope was optimised by building a succession of seaward-facing terraces. These terraces, with their stunning views, give elegance and grandeur to the home. There are three bedrooms, and three and a half bathrooms, as well as a home theatre with a gym and a bar located on the rooftop terrace. The dwelling's design emphasises the use of natural light to produce a sustainable and comfortable living environment. This private property is an ideal space for quiet relaxation or entertaining whilst the infinity pool reflects the sky and highlights the proximity to the sea.

Whitehouse Private Residence Huie Design
Night View_1 - Photo.jpeg


Wrapped around a rectangular glass-fronted pool, this property was designed to encourage outdoor living. The ground floor opens out to the decks outdoor dining area and pergola day beds. The entrance foyer boasts a double-height mezzanine leading to the bedrooms which overlook the pool.


This modern home, with four ensuite bedrooms, will be set in the hills of Kingston, Jamaica providing spectacular views of the city. The property boasts a theatre, two separate living areas, an outdoor fireplace, and an infinity pool positioned to maximise the view. The contemporary architecture of the house harmonises with the scenic landscape, producing an ambience that is both sumptuous and relaxing.



We were commissioned to redesign this existing 3-bedroom hillside home in Jamaica. Our first call was to lose the hexagonal shapes at the entrance to the home, using new shapes, textures and tones to enhance the aesthetic. The carport was redesigned as a garage with a new primary suite above. On the poolside of the building, all columns on the house were thickened to enhance the grandeur and the addition of an outdoor sunken cinema area and waterfall were introduced, making it the ideal entertaining space.

The images depict the original property and our Arrival design.


VicBella is a multifamily home on a completely flat corner lot in Negril, Jamaica. VicBella's design compensates for the lack of a view by making the pool the focal point of the property, having the living space connected to the outside. A projection wall sits in front of the pool as an added feature. This design strategy creates a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living.

Vicbella Huie Design


Orchid is a design project to remodel an existing three-bedroom home in Trelawny, Jamaica extending the left side and rear. The project aims to create a seamless continuation of the existing home, while also increasing natural light and ventilation. The design encapsulates a contemporary living style with clean lines and emphasises outdoor living spaces. An extra bedroom, bathroom, walk-in closet, library, living room, and kitchen with windows are added as a result of the renovations. Having skylights also makes the space more open and brighter whilst bi-folding doors will be installed at the rear to capture the view of Falmouth's cruise ship port.


Located directly on the beachfront in Black River, St. Elizabeth. 'The Horizon' sleek design is the newest addition to South Coast luxury. The intimate development boasts open plan living and was strategically designed to fully capitalize on the 180-degree unrestricted views of the Caribbean sea from the kitchen, living room and primary suites. 

The Horizon Huie Design
Sav La Mar Huie Design


This design proposal is for a two-bedroom housing scheme that will be constructed as part of a 150-unit National Housing Trust low-cost housing project in Savanna La Mar, Westmoreland, Jamaica. The community will be the first of its type to provide affordable modern living in the region. The design is compact yet provides an open-plan layout and access to an outdoor living area.


Expanse is a conceptual design of a two-story, four-bedroom, two-car garage home. With extra-high ceilings and full-length glass doors, the entire project is meant to optimise natural light and a sense of spaciousness. The ground level consists of a kitchen, dining, and open-plan living space that leads to another outdoor kitchen. The bedrooms are located on the second level, facing the pool, hot tub, and garden. The design offers a smooth transition between indoor and outdoor living.

thumbnail_IMG_8240 (1).jpg
Serenity Huie Design


The conceptual Serenity design is a one-storey home featuring three bedrooms and three bathrooms. The rooms were designed to make the most of their proximity to the pool, the main feature set in the centre of the house. Two of the bedrooms have bi-folding doors that open out to the pool area, making the space an ideal lounge for both entertainment and rest. The kitchen and the living room both have an open floor plan, but the concept of raumplan —splitting several levels into different zones— to create a physical separation between the two rooms. The design of the house incorporates elements of tropical modernism as well as those of Californian modernist architecture. This places an emphasis on straight lines and clean forms, to create a space that is unique but also functional.


We designed Scandere, a two-bedroom, two-bathroom single-story concept starter home. Boasting only 900sqft of we wanted to display that even with such a compact space you can still achieve a stylish luxury design with an open plan functional layout. 

Scandere Huie Design
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